Two Young Ladies Filmed Giving Blowjobs On The 6 Train

 It’s our duty to report on what happens all over New York City, no matter how REAL it gets. In the past we’ve brought you such subway horror shows as

Man Uses Subway As Bathroom, Leaves Human Feces Dripping Down Seats, but we’ve also covered the subway love angle with Couple Does “IT” Against Subway Doors. And who could forget Photo: Morning Commute Made Memorable By Used Condom On F Train Pole? Now we’ve come across footage of two young ladies fellating two gentlemen on the 6 train, right there under the fluorescent lights, with plenty of straphangers around. Sometimes young love can’t wait for privacy!



You can watch the video, titled: “2 Ratchets Giving Some Jaw On The 6 Train In The Bronx,” at World Star Uncut (this is where we tell you it’s VERY graphic)…. but should you? Sure! Given that we I have a background in porn, I can give my expert opinion on this piece of underground film and those involved: all parties shown here could have a great future in the industry, what with their go-with-the-flow attitudes and animated reaction shots. Even the cinematographer does a great job holding the camera steady, and wasn’t even afraid to go in for the crucial close-up crotch shot. Bravo, ladies and gents! This is some high quality amateur stuff… in fact,maybe it was professionally staged?

So the important question here is which is ruder: filming, giving or receiving oral sex on the subway?